How to identify which tile is on my roof?

Not all tiles are the same and you need to know the make and profile of your tile to be able to match it successfully.

Try this checklist to identify which tile you have on your roof.

Step 1. Is your tile made of Concrete or Terracotta/Clay?

The easiest way is to turn the tile over and see if it is concrete / grey in colour or Clay/ terracotta in colour.

Step 2. Find any details stamped into the back of the tile.

This helps to narrow down the manufacturer of the tile. Popular names include Monier, Pioneer, Besser, Boral, Clarke, Karreman, Alice, Wunderlich or Hardy.

Step 3. Determine which profile the tile is.

Turn the tile back over with the right side up to check the profile.

Many tiles have a hump  in the centre of the tile with a flat section either side. If this is your type of tile then measure the flat section. It should be either 15mm or 60mm.

Some tiles in the shingle range are flat right across the tile. Check to see if there are any lines marked in the tile.

Step 4. Getting the best colour match.

Tile colours and profiles are updated regularly and it is not always possible to get a replacement tile in your colour. If possible bring a piece of tile with you to check against what is in stock. If no colour match is available you can try hiding the new tiles in the bottom row at the back of your roof or behind a patio so your roof doesn’t look like a jigsaw puzzle.